30 Creative and Cool Bus Adverts

Trawling through the web as I do (a lot!) I stumbled across a great article on Demilked and could help but smile at some of the really cool and creative ways some of these designers have taken something a plain and simple as a bus and transformed them into a moving billboard for their clients. Enjoy!

1. AirportBus Bern

(Advertising Agency: Neue Lgk, Berne and Zurich, Switzerland)

2. Limo Bus: In An Absolut World

(Advertising Agency: TBWA\CHIAT\DAY, USA)

3. Garbage Bus

Advert for a Public Transport – “Keep Holland Clean Foundation” company. (Advertising Agency: GREY Amsterdam)

4. Just One Bite

(Advertising Agency: unknown)

5. Dr Best’s Flexible Toothbrush

(Ad: kim Sokola, Julia Neumann)

6. Don’t Jump – Careerbuilder.com

(Advertising Agency: unknown)

7. Wallet: Kontanten

“ATMs close by”. (Advertising Agency: Fältman & Malmén, Stockholm, Sweden)

8. Ready to Quit?

(Advertising Agency: unknown)

9. Canon’s Bus Ad

(Image Credits: thaisie)

10. Smint: Kiss On The Bus

(Advertising agency for Smint: Tandem Campany GUASCH DDB, Spain)

11. The Accordion World Championchip

(Advertising Agency: Uncle Grey Oslo, Norway)

12. WeightWatchers

Optical illusion of a heavy passenger who tilts the whole bus to the right. (Agency: Lowe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Art Director: Liat Azulay)

13. Duracell

(Advertising Agency: unknown)

14. Shark Bus: National Geographic

(Advertising Agency: unknown)

15. International Organization for Migration

Don’t be sold into slavery! (Advertising Agency: McCann, Kenya)

16. Stuck

(Advertising Agency: unknown)

17. Tony Hawk’s Boomb Boom Huckjam Tour

(Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett USA, Chicago)

18. Toy Bus: Children’s Charity

(Advertising Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi, UK)

19. Media Planning & Buying: FAIL

“Looking for a new media planner?” (Advertising Agency: McCANN Eeickson Belgium)

20. Mini-Bus: Slimming & Detoxifying Pill

(Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Hong Kong)

21. Snake Bus: Copenhagen Zoo

Giant constrictor snake squeezing complete Copenhagen citybus. (Advertising Agency: Bates Y&R, Copenhagen, Denmark | Creative Director: Ib Borup | Art Director: Peder Schack)

22. Batteries: ToysDirect.com

It’s not a toy bus running on batteries – it’s an optical illusion on a real life-size bus. (Agency: Robson Brown | Creative Director: Duncan McEwan)

23. Back of the Bus: Centraal Beheer Insurance

“Just call us”. Centraal Beheer Achmea scared the living daylights out of drivers in the Netherlands with this “Back of the Bus” advertisement. It appears as though the driver is looking at the front of a bus, and that the driver is not looking where he’s going. (link) (Advertising Agency: DDB Amsterdam)

24. Back of the Bus #2

25. Total Quartz

Maximize your performance. (Advertising Agency: Amman Jordan)

26. Stepping In Front Of A Bus: Anti-Smoking Ad

Cannes Lions 2007 Outdoor Bronze. (Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull Johannesburg)

27. All Laundry Detergent Bus

“How much can one small bottle clean?” (Advertising Agency: unknown)

28. DJ Scratching

(Advertising Agency: unknown)

29. Motorcycle: Life Comes At You Fast

(Advertising Agency: unknown)

30. Eyes

Original article from Demilked – http://www.demilked.com/clever-and-creative-bus-ads/

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