Content Writing

Getting across the perfect message, with the perfect words.

It’s really not all about the look…

At Chocolate Lime Web Design we believe that the copy and content of your website is equally important as it’s design and look. The power of your website can be maximised by the words you use to talk about your business.

Copy Writing

She might write it in a shed at the bottom of the garden whilst sipping a French Martini but our expert copywriter can write professional copy for you that is both engaging and informative for people spending time on your website..   We can deliver to your requirements from a brief, or indeed apply our copy writing skills to text you may have drafted already. We’ll provide you with a polished version which will reflect your site and the messages you want to share with your customers.  All our copy is written in a without compromising the voice that you want to use to speak to your customer and is in keeping with the look and feel of your business and your brand. We write copy that is readable and useful, engaging and inspiring and does what it needs to do.  We’ll write content that sustains visitors’ interest from the home page to the payment page (or anywhere else you’d like them to land).

Services we offer:

  • Writing or re-writing website content
  • News items and articles
  • Press releases
  • Blog articles
  • Online articles
  • Newsletter content

Copy Editing

Choosing the correct words and structure will make your text more persuasive, effective and easier to read. We can guide you through potential pitfalls of your text being too wordy; incorrect usage of words; or content that just needs a clear and logical format structure.

All work that has been copy-edited should be proofread, to pick up on errors that have fallen through the net or that have been introduced during the amending or design process. Our copy-editing service includes proofreading at no extra cost.
Services we offer:

  • Condensing and summarising content
  • Restructuring and re-ordering
  • Simplifying
  • Changing the tone (more / less formal for example)

Proof Reading

Proofreading is an exact process that requires an exceptional eye for detail and the ability to absorb the text and understand it quickly and easily. This sense checking process can often be difficult for the writer of the content to do when drafting text, or you may find simply looking at the same piece of content so often causes errors and misprints to be missed. Basic mistakes can raise question as to your professionalism and attention to detail and can be off-putting for customers seeking the highest quality service or company (and if you spot any errors in our copy, then we did that just to make sure you were paying attention!)

Chocolate Lime extend our proofreading service beyond simply removing any typos from your text; we will inspect your content closely to ensure that it is not just free from errors but that the language is clear and consistent, and that the layout is professional, readable and user-friendly. We can ensure your text reads clearly, concisely and correctly from start to finish.

Do you need the perfect words?

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