About us

We only create websites that work!
It’s our mantra and something that we strongly believe enables our clients to have a successful online window into their business.

Professional Web and Graphic Designers

We might be small, but here at Chocolatelime, we think we are close to perfectly formed. We are a friendly trio – an experience web developer who cuts through all the techy stuff and talks your language, a creative graphic designer whose imagination seems to know no limits and a copywriter who certainly has a way with words. Whilst we know our trade and guide our clients to the best solutions for them, we get there by listening to them. We provide web design just as you want it – simple, accessible, reflective of your business and affordable. Now that’s pretty perfect.

But if you’re in to the detail – we’ve over 13 years experience in software development, creating online applications using tools such as Microsoft .Net, Joomla, WordPress and osCommerce and we have broadened our approach towards building websites for our clients by utilising these tools to create content managed websites that work. Having worked for major IT and public sector organisations, our web designers’ experience in delivering a range of projects, from small, one off pieces of work, to larger, extensive projects is solid.

Utilising years of graphic design experience our designers are adept at turning your visions, images and ideas into refreshed, revitalised, powerful designs to represent your business. However, we know our clients pay for our expertise and our eye for design and therefore we will always provide our professional and honest opinion and guidance to ensure the end result is the best it can be.

Don’t just take our word for it….. Check out our client testimonials.

We listen to our clients

We take a friendly and informal approach to doing business with you.  It’s important you enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy exceeding your expectations with the web and graphic designs we deliver to you. We believe in great customer service, realistic turnaround times and someone on hand to answer your queries and take your feedback as we progress through the design process together.

Keen to take a look at the spoils of our efforts? Check out our portfolio page to see what we’ve done for other clients – and pick up the phone to call them to hear their take on what it is like to work with us!

Why Chocolate Lime?
We care about our clients.  We listen, we discuss, we advise. We provide the  best solution to fit your business, not our wallet.

What We Do

Web Design

Make your online presence matter. Web design and development just as you want it. Straight forward, good looking, functional and all yours.

Logo Design

What does your company logo say about you? Does it project the right image? Does it catch the attention of customers and portray your image just as you want it to?

Content Writing

It’s always best to tell it like it is. We have the words to help you speak to your audience. Rewrites, refresh or a blank page. We’ll lift the pen.


It’s not all about getting to the top. Making your website do what really matters needs good SEO. We can go slow burn or (almost) instant fix. You decide, we do the rest.