Which type of website?

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Relative merits of static and dynamic websites Static (brochure) sites – Plus Points Flexibility is the main advantage of a static brochure website – every page can be different if desired, to match the layout to different content, and the designer is free to put in any special effects that a client may ask for in a unique way...

Resources for Stock Photography

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I’m often asked the question by my clients – “Where can I find stock photos?”. There are a number of sites across the web offering stock photos. There are two main types of stock photo – Royality Free (unlicensed) and Rights Managed (licensed). Below is a number of websites were you can find a number of categories of stock...

30 Creative and Cool Bus Adverts

Trawling through the web as I do (a lot!) I stumbled across a great article on Demilked and could help but smile at some of the really cool and creative ways some of these designers have taken something a plain and simple as a bus and transformed them into a moving billboard for their clients. Enjoy! 1. AirportBus Bern...
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