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Creative Easter Eggs

Easter is upon us.  The last few snowflakes are melting and the sun is hopefully going to start showing itself a bit more.

Decorating eggs with the family is always a great source of fun.  Below are some cool and creative ideas on how to decorate your Easter eggs (I’m taking no credit!).  One thing is for sure, to create something really stunning all you need is your imagine. Scroll down to find some inspiring examples and just create your own awesome design…

Egg Wars

creative easter eggs

Dalek egg frontal view

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Cool and Creative Adverts

As you all know we love finding cool and creative adverts.  There’s nothing that turns heads more than an advert that has been well thought out.  The collection below are some of my favourites from across the globe.

Verbal Abuse

Verbal Abuse

Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian Restaurant

Better Gear

Better Gear

Toyo Octopus

Toyo Octopus

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Facebook’s Graph Search to take on Google

Facebook has unveiled a new feature to allow users to sift through pictures, posts and messages in a way that the company’s founder and chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, claimed could transform how people use the social network.

Unveiling the tool, Graph Search, Zuckerberg described it as the site’s “third pillar”, after Timeline and News Feed.

“Graph Search is a completely new way for people to get information on Facebook,” he told a packed press conference at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park on Tuesday.

The function will initially let users search four categories – people, places, photos, interests – and gradually expand to cover all content, Zuckerberg said.

“Graph Search is a really big project. Eventually… we want to index all the posts and all of the content on Facebook. I thought it couldn’t be done. This is just some really neat stuff. This is one of the coolest things we’ve done in a while.”

A limited rollout began immediately, with Zuckerberg stressing that Graph Search is a “beta” product which will expand slowly and be built on over the coming years, evolving in response to how people used it.

“Graph Search is designed to take a precise query and return to you the answer,” he said, “not links to other places that might take you to the answer.”

Lars Rasmussen, a former Google executive who is now one of Facebook’s top engineers, cited as an example a search for a spicy meal in San Francisco. A search for “restaurants liked by my friends from India” revealed a long list. Narrowing that to “Indian restaurants liked by my friends from India” yielded another list. Then he searched for restaurants in San Francisco liked by Culinary Institute of America graduates.

In cases where Graph Search comes up blank – which is likely to be a frequent occurrence in its infancy – the service defaults to the web search engine Bing, which is run by Google’s rival Microsoft.

Industry analysts have long waited for Facebook to develop new ways to tap its lucrative mountains of data. Its stock rose last week, in anticipation that the announcement would involve a search engine. Zuckerberg said talks with Google over a possible collaboration had broken down over Facebook’s insistence on greater privacy protection. He said the new service would not reveal additional information but instead collate and organise in new ways information to which users already had access.

He and fellow executives showed, however, how users could find a wealth of previously overlooked photos and posts and “likes”.

“I want to invite friends over for Game of Thrones,” he said, “but who among my friends likes Games of Thrones? Graph Search tells me.”

Graph Search also enables the user to search, for instance, for “photos of my friends taken in national parks” or “photos of my friends taken before 1990″. The latter revealed a gallery of Facebook employees as babies, prompting guffaws from assembled staff.

Tom Stocky, another Google import, showed what appeared to be a market researchers’ dream tool: the new feature allows users to ask, for instance, what TV shows are most liked by doctors (Grey’s Anatomy, House, The Doctors), or software engineers (Big Bang Theory).

A search for music liked by those who like Mitt Romney revealed Johnny Cash. Obama-likers liked Michael Jackson.

The tool could help Facebook wean users away from Google, Linked-in and dating sites, but Zuckerberg said the priority for now was improving existing customers’ experience, with business applications to be considered later. There is no timetable for when Graph Search will be available on mobile.

“This is a really big project,” Zuckerberg said. “It will take years and years to map the whole index of the graph.”

His downplaying of immediate revenue sources dented markets’ exuberance: shares dippled 1.5% to $30.46 immediately following the announcement.

The respected news site TechCrunch gave Graph Search a thumbs-up and said investors who considered the announcement an anti-climax – prompting a dip in Facebook’s share price – had missed the point.

“What’s interesting is that Facebook does not shy away from introducing radical changes to its products,” the site said. “As always, it focuses on what’s best for the user and will stand behind an innovation if it believes that it will improve the user experience.”

Investors, in contrast, liked conservative choices, security and stability, said TechCrunch. “That’s why they should adapt to Facebook’s way of doing things if they want to understand the company’s long-term perspective, because Graph Search is clearly an important move for Facebook.”

CMS Web Design

Many of our potential clients are looking for a content managed website but often do not know what it is and what is involved with creating a website with a CMS (content management system) driving it.

The first thing to understand is what exactly is a CMS. A Content Managed System is a simple piece of software to manage content on your website whilst adding a great deal of flexibility and. possibility for future expansion.   One of the key features of a CMS is the fact clients can login and edit content on their own website using just their web browser. No other software is needed. You find the page you want to edit, edit that page using a word processor-like interface, save your changes and then your website is instantly updated.

There are many, many advantages to using a web content management system. Beyond just being able to easily edit, delete and add pages to your website, you can add images, PDF files, audio and video files as well. You can edit the navigation of your website. Create links to pages or other websites. You are able to create and edit forms and photo galleries yourself. You get a lot of control with a website content management system.

You can get templates online for a host of web content management systems for free, but frankly, right out of the box, they’re going to have a standard look that isn’t very flattering. You can play around with them to add your own logo, images and content to make the website look more custom.  However, if you truly want some unique and different and promote your company online – then a customer CMS design is a must.  Don’t forget, your website is often your potential customers first interaction with your company.  First impressions count and as such the right design for your business is essential.

As well as providing a strong design brief for the look and feel of your website, you are also able to choose which features you want when you work with a CMS web design firm.  For example – they ‘ll know which shopping cart has the best features and as well being able to customise the software to enhance them to fit your own needs.  The role of the CMS web design company is to realise your vision for your site.

The best content management system will offer your features so that your website ranks well in the search engines.  Powerful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools easily plugin to most content management systems enabling website owners the ability to optimise their website content to maximum their rankings.

Chocolate Lime are CMS web design company who pride themselves in delivery not only visually powerful websites – but websites that work for their clients.

Two new sites for the start of spring

Over the last few weeks we’ve been busy on working on a couple of exciting new websites, we’ve just published two new websites for our clients.

Winning Insights

Ross Clark of Winning Insights provided us with a excellent brief – looking for a welcoming design for his new subscription and eCommerce based advisory service.  The result can be found here – Winning Insights

South Lanarkshire Biodiversity

The Team at The South Lanarkshire Biodiversity Partnership asked us to redesign their existing website with a more modern, clean and simple to use site.  You can view the new website here – SLBP